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  • IF you are feeling overwhelmed
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  • IF you need encouragement and support
  • IF you are needing hope
  • IF you are struggling and don't feel you have anywhere else to turn
  • IF you want a safe haven to voice your cares, concerns, and frustrations
  • IF you want to join a community of like-minded individuals from all over the world who feel just like you and are dealing with the same issues as you

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Caregiving should not deplete your energy, your savings or life.

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  • Heather F. - Wife, Teacher - I turned to Smart Caregiving to give me more answers than just the doctors and health care providers offered me. They have given me support and encouragement and helped me tremendously on this journey with my mother.
  • Emily H. - Spouse, married over 25 years - Taking care of my husband with dementia has been extremely difficult. My doctor’s office recommended I call Smart Caregiving when I needed help and resources. With their efforts and support from the various resources that they have connected with me, my husband is now in a facility that can handle him much better than I can. Smart Caregiving helped me to make decisions that I wasn’t sure how to make. They guided me and supported me each step of the way. I am extremely grateful to Smart Caregiving for all of their support and highly recommend them.
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Here are just a few of the companies that are working with us to help you:

  • Jewell Nursing Solutions - Patented bedsore pillow that prevents bedsores
  • CarePatrol - Work with patients/families and hold your hand thru the entire process of finding the right placement for a loved one
  • TelemedicX - fantastic one-click text platform that connects you by audio/video to doctors and loved ones
  • Café Delight - individual daily powder packets that help with anxiety and stress to calm you or your loved one


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